Download the article Micro-oxygenation, a trial to test the multiparameter approach and a decision support system, written by Dr. agronomist Alessandra Biondi Bartolini R&D consultant, in collaboration with Dr. Simone Bellassai Chemist CDR srl, Engineer Giuseppe Floridia Parsec srl, Dr. Gionata Pulignani agronomist and oenologist at Marchesi Mazzei.

The micro-oxygenation process

Micro-oxygenation is an oenological technique that makes it possible to continuously dose micro-oxygen doses in such a way that they never exceed the consumption capacity of the wine constituents and thus activate a series of processes favourable to the evolution of wines in a precise and controlled way. In red wines it is mainly the polyphenolic compounds, anthocyanins and tannins that consume the oxygen thus introduced, using it in a complex of reactions that lead to polymerization phenomena and color stabilization processes, with the formation of progressively more complex molecules and stable polymer pigments.

Although there is not a valid recipe for all situations, it is essential to be able to rely on certain analytical and sensory control parameters that can help in decisions regarding dosage and treatment duration.

Experimental project

Dr. Biondi Bartolini, in collaboration with CDR srl and Parsec srl, has carried out an experimental project to verify the possibility that certain chemical parameters, which characterize the polyphenolic content of a red wine, can be used to better manage the micro-oxygenation process. The experimental trial was carried out in collaboration with the Marchesi Mazzei winery of Castellina in Chianti.

During the project, an experimental test was carried out under controlled conditions, applying different dosages of oxygen of low, medium and high oenological impact, on a first wine and monitoring its analytical and organoleptic evolution with CDR WineLab® rapid analysis methods and tasting. In addition to the MOXeasy parameters, a % decomposition method of free anthocyanins, oligomers and polymers, described by Laurent Pechamat at the University of Bordeaux, was also evaluated in the experiment.

The chemical analysis of the wine and the tests carried out

With CDR WineLab® it was possible to quickly and easily carry out a special control package including the determination of total polyphenols (IPT), tannins (proanthocyanidins), total anthocyanins, colour (intensity and tint), free and polymerized anthocyanins and HCl index. The input of these parameters in the MOXEasy software allows to determine the most appropriate oxygen dose for the polyphenolic profile of the wine to be micro-oxygenated.

Experimental tests were carried out under controlled conditions applying different dosages of oxygen of low, medium and high oenological impact on a Sangiovese 2019 wine. The analytical and organoleptic evolution was monitored using the CDR WineLab® rapid analysis methods and tasting.

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“Micro-oxygenation, a trial to test the multiparameter approach and a decision support system“

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