CDR FoodLab® method: AIA Report on the Analysis of Urea in Milk

The chemical analysis of the milk and dairy products for quality control for every stage of the production chain with CDR FoodLab

From July through October 2001, Standard Latte Laboratory, which is part of the Associazione Italiana Allevatori (Italian Breeders Association) ran 2,500 tests to assess CDR FoodLab® method.

The functional tests were aimed at determining the Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) in milk of cows, buffalos and sheeps.

These tests validate the analysis method (CDR FoodLab® method) of all the analysis systems of the CDR FoodLab® Line, comprising the new versions of the systems: CDR BeerLab® and Junior, CDR WineLab® , CDR FoodLab® for fats and oils. FoodLab is the preceding version of CDR FoodLab® .

The following tests were performed:

  • Determination of the testing time
  • Measurement of the temperature in each well
  • Repeatability tests
  • System calibration
  • System linearity
  • Sensitivity and recovery tests
  • Variation of the batches
  • Test aimed at controlling possible interferences with fats
  • Dilution tests

Linearity FoodLab Touch MUN

Some Conclusions

  • CDR FoodLab® can be used to determine the concentration of Urea with no prior sample processing.
  • The thermostating of the 15 wells (37° C ± 0,4° C) was consistent and the differences reported were within the stated tolerance.
  • Manual operations had not impact on the results.
  • Repeatability was generally good.

Download the Report on the functional tests used to determine the Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) with CDR FoodLab®


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