CDR BeerLab® is a fast, simple and reliable analyzer. Word of Campden Bri

CDR BeerLab is the easy, fast and reliable testing system to be used directly at the brewery with no need of expertise in chemical analysis

Comparative study CDR BeerLab vs reference mathods made by Campden BRIThe international reference laboratory Campden Bri analyzing a number of important beer and wort quality parameters as ph, bitterness, colour and alcohol, realized a comparison study between CDR BeerLab® analytics methods and reference methods.

They found that:
Accuracy of the CDR BeerLab® with regards to agreement with the declared values of ABV was very good for all sample types.

Moreover, in the executive summary, Campden Bri focused on the following points:

  • The instrument was easy to use
  • The user interface was logical and user friendly
  • No calibration is required
  • Compared to traditional alcohol and bitterness methods, the CDR BeerLab® methods were much quicker
  • The system has a low environmental impact due to minimal waste production and the very low sample and reagent volumes required
  • Analysis of ten replicates of the same brand of beer showed that the CDR BeerLab® had greatest precision in the measurement of pH and least for bitterness.

To know more download the complete report here: Assessment of the CDR BeerLab® Analyser.

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