Total Acidity in Egg and Egg Products

Simple chemical analysis of egg products and eggs thanks to CDR FoodLab with very easy and quick sample preparationIn some preparations for food products containing eggs, some specific enzymes are added in order to free the fatty acids. The Total Acidity test allows to check the total quantity of acidity and to monitor the enzymatic reaction.

CDR FoodLab® simplifies and speeds up the traditionally used procedures, enabling to perform many analyses in few time and with small quantities of sample as is.

Systems to test Total Acidity in eggs products and eggs

  CDR FoodLab analyzer for tests on egg products and eggsCDR FOODLAB® CDR FoodLab Junior analyzer for tests on egg products and eggs CDR FOODLAB® JUNIOR
Analyses Butyric Acid
L-Lactic Acid
Total Acidity
Configuration with tailored panel of analyses
Simultaneous Sample Analyses 16 3
Multiple Analyses on a Sample si


Test type: End Point
Test time: 1 minute
It is possible to carry out several test sessions with a maximum of 16 samples

Test principle

The Acidity of the sample (with pH 7,0) react with a chromogenic compound and decrease the color. The optical density, measured at 630nm, is proportional to the concentration of Free Fatty Acids in the sample.

Calibration Curve

CDR FoodLab® method shows a very good correlation with the reference method.

Total Acidity analysis in egg and egg products with CDR FoodLab

Reagent test Kits

The reagents are packaged in foil pouches containing 10 tubes useful to perform 10 analyses.

This is the minimum package that allows the use of CDR systems even to those who need to make a few analyses, thus not wasting reagents.

There are also boxes of 100 tests, however, packaged in 10 bags of 10 tubes containing the reagent.

Code *300241 suitable for 10 tests

Code *300240 suitable for 100 tests

The reagents have a shelf-life of 12 months.

Processing – Sample Volume – Measuring Range

Powder egg: dissolve 1 part of egg in 3 parts of water and homogenize the solution. Liquid egg: use sample as is.

Measuring range
0,01 – 1,10% 0,1 0,01%

Reagents developed by CDR S.r.l - Quality System Certified ISO 9001 Ed. 2015 - Certificate n. 9115

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