On last November, during The Wine Day in Ljubljana, Simone Bellassai illustrated to the audience of oenologists, wineries and technicians how CDR WineLab® simplifies and makes more rapid wine and must analysis.

Innovation is one of the most effective way to take on the challenges that the wine sector will face in the future.

That’s why CDR WineLab® has been designed to support the work of oenologists and wineries and to adapt to their analytical needs.

Having an analysis system that capable to identify any possible problems and to take action quickly, it makes possible to monitor in real time the winemaking process and to improve the wine quality.

CDR WineLab® helps control the maturity of grapes, monitor in real time the winemaking process and to monitor wine status during aging.

Discover how CDR WineLab® and its innovation can increase your company profitability.

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