Beer Analysis for in-house quality control: How to Improve your Beer Brewing Process

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Download the pdf e-book “How to Improve the Brewing Process [Second Edition]”  to know how to bring chemical beer analysis for Quality Control into your brewery without the need for a dedicated laboratory and QC team.

The ebook is a comprehensive collection of articles and case studies written by the researchers of the CDR Chemical Lab “Francesco Bonicolini” and their collaborators to improve the Quality Control into your Brewery. 

The second edition is updated with 3 new papers about: Quality Control and Brand Protection, Testing Low/No Alcohol Beers, Case Study, Quality Control in brewery with CDR BeerLab®.

The e-book’s topics:

  • Chemical analyses for quality control of worts and beers
  • The evolution of sugars and of wort density during beer fermentation
  • CDR BeerLab®: The Effect of Dry-Hopping on Fermentable Sugars and ABV
  • The importance of proper yeast recovery
  • The aroma of butter having the name of diacetyl!
  • CDR BeerLab®: The Effect of Late and Dry-Hopping on IBU Value
  • Analysis of Mashing in the Brewery
  • The “silent” importance of water in beer production
  • Quality Control and Brand Protection [new]
  • Testing Low/No Alcohol Beers [new]
  • Case Study: Quality Control in brewery with CDR BeerLab® [new]

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