CDR Oxitester at the OTA oil mill

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Le analisi dell'olio di oliva rapide semplici e affidabili in frantoio o sull'impianto dell'azienda olearia: le analisi chimche non sono più un problema

Giampiero Cresti, manager of the Olivicoltori Toscani Associati, Cerbaia V.P. (Florence -Italy):

Giampiero Cresti reports the experience of OTA oil mill in analyzing olive oil with Oxitester systemCDR OxiTester can be used by everyone who is able to read! Besides it is very practical and fast. The operator has only to switch the power on, follow a very simple analytical procedure and he obtains immediately the results.

At our oil mill, we use it with extreme fluency. Making the analyses has become a sort of routine and we are happy to offer this service to the farmers who come to us for the pressing of the olives.

In the office right beside to our plants the office worker, during the oil campaign, makes the analyses of the lots of oil produced, mostly Free Fatty Acids, Peroxide Value and polyphenols, from a small sample quantity. In this way we can give at once the results to the producer, who is satisfied bringing at home an analytical sheet that sums up the analyses. With CDR Oxitester we do the analyses on the stored oil as well, to verify that the oil is in line with the paramters requested by the I.G.P. Tuscan oil disciplinary.

We can moreover make the analyses of the lots of the oil straight at the private mills with which we collaborate: carrying CDR OxiTester in a little case we can go right to the mill to perform the tests with the analyzer.

At OTA oil mill we have CDR OxiTester and MiniFood analyzers: we are using them since more than 10 years and we are very happy with their performance, not only for their easyness and rapidity of use but also for their reliability and compliance to the reference standards.

I recommend them to our associates, oil producers and experts because they add value to our activities.”

CDR OxiTester, like MiniFood, represents control analysis systems ready, easy to use and adjustable to the needs of any oil mill. The analyzers offer practical advantages but, facilitating the compare, they promote a continuous improvement as well, in the processes and in the spread of the culture of the olive oil.

OTA oil mill in Cerbaia V.P. - Florence - Italy is using OxiTester  to test Free Fatty Acids and Peroxide Value since over 10 yearsWho is OTA? Olivicoltori Toscani Associati is an agricultural cooperative whose story starts in the ’70 when it was born as an association of olive oil producers. From the cultivation of olive trees till the subsequent transformation into oil, OTA offers a service of complete assistance for its associates. Since many years it runs the cooperative’s oil mill, a modern plant that produces about 400.000 Kg of olive oil per year (Extra Vergin Olive Oil, with rare exceptions) and retails the stored oil, exclusively Tuscan I.G.P. With its 18.000 associates and the collaboration of 27 oil mills in the south-centre of Tuscany, OTA is an established institution that doesn’t restrict its activity to the annual oil campaign. The OTA oil mill indeed organises visits for italian and foreign delegations, promotes reserach and experimentation projects, collaborates with public and private agencies, carries out refresher courses about last innovations in the oil production field, helps the awareness of a shared oil culture. OTA organises updating, consulting and training all over Tuscany, while in Cerbaia mill you can find some offices of the prestigious ”Accademia del Gusto” of Pollenzo (CN). OTA is therefore a lively subject of the olive oil sector and an important point of reference for its territory.

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