Phenolic Maturity of Grape

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Download the article “Phenolic maturity of Grapes“, discover the most effective methods to determine when the concentration of phenolic compounds in grapes is at its highest.

Phenolic maturity

In the case of a red wine it is important to take into account the phenolic maturity as phenolic compounds directly determine the colour of red wines and strongly influence their stability during ageing.

In order to obtain the maximum extractability of phenolic compounds during vinification, it is not sufficient to check the technological maturity (maximum of the Sugar/Total acidity ratio), but it is necessary to measure the concentration of anthocyanins near maturity (phenolic maturity).

The Glories method

The method considered as reference for the determination of phenolic maturity is the Glories method, based on the extraction of anthocyanins from a must sample.

This method is very time-consuming because it requires a long extraction and sample preparation phase. In addition, the analyses must be carried out by an operator specialised in laboratory techniques.

Is there a quick and easy way to determine phenolic maturity?

Is it possible to quickly and easily determine when the grapes should be harvested in order to maximize the extraction of phenolic compounds?

Download the article to understand the phenomena that regulate phenolic maturity and to know the most effective methods to determine it.

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