Choose CDR FoodLab®: the full range testing system that changes your work.

CDR FoodLab® is a line of chemical analysis systems with outstanding and unique performance and accuracy features, easy to use and versatile, that allow you to determine a wide panel of parameters without having to use several analyzers.

That is why worldwide food industries, as well as dairies, milk processing factories, cattle breeding farms, oil mills, wineries, oil processing plants, egg and egg product producers have already chosen CDR FoodLab®.   

Fats and Oils

The CDR FoodLab system includes CDR Oxitester and CDR Palmoiltester, the testing systems that determine olive oil and palm oil quality both during production and after the products has been stored.


CDR WineLab, CDR BeerLab and CDR CiderLab are the testing systems specifically developed for quality control of wine, beer and cider. You can use them straight in the cellar during winemaking process, or in the brewery or during cider production.

Food and Feed

CDR FoodLab operates as a full testing laboratory and can perform a wide range of determinations, allowing to monitor every step of the food preparation chain for fresh, canned, or processed food.