The English brewery BAD Co. has recently installed state-of-the-art brewery at their Dishforth site, taking the opportunity to improve quality control processes in brewing, in order to achieve reliable quality to propose its beer to an important national retailer

Case study about in-house beer quality control

In this way, thanks to our QCL distributor, BAD Co. has chosen to use CDR BeerLab® to analyze some essential parameters for monitoring the brewing process such as: alcohol, bitterness (IBU), color, pH, fermentable sugars and Various water parameters;

In the case study, conducted by our QCL Scientific distributor, the head brewer of  the english brewery pointed out that:

“Since its installation, we have found the analyser to be accurate and easy to use. We are looking to list BAD Co. beer with a well-known national retailer and we wouldn’t be able to do that without in-house quality control using the BeerLab”.

Paul Holden-Ridgeway
head brewer of BAD Co.’s

Click and download the full case study: BAD Co. Brewery

CDR BeerLab® is reliable, easy to use and fast as confirmed by Campden BRI

A validation study was run by Campden BRI, comparing the ABV, Bitterness, pH, and Colour tests on the CDR BeerLab® with reference methods and the final report of this validation is one of the key points that attracted Paul to the CDR BeerLab®.

The summary of the report states;

“…in the majority of cases and based on current data there is no statistically significant evidence for a difference in bitterness and alcohol measurements for beer when using the CDR BeerLab® versus the reference methods.”

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