The researchers of CDR chemical laboratories made this study to demonstrate the great accuracy and repeatability of CDR BeerLab® method for the determination of total sulfur dioxide SO2 in beer samples. It allows the brewers to improve at best the execution of this analysis directly in the brewery.

Sulfites are widely used as additives in beverages to prevent spoilage by oxidation and bacterial growth during production and storage. In particular, sulfur dioxide is considered as the most important factor in preserving the shelf life of beer, because inhibits beer oxidation. In fact, it is employed by breweries as potassium matabisulfite (K2S2O5), commonly abbreviated E224.

As the accurate determination of total sulfur dioxide (SO2) in beer is essential to ensuring regulatory compliance, several methods have been developed.

CDR proposes a new method, easier and faster than traditional procedures, starting from a EBC (European Brewery Convention) method optimization.

CDR BeerLab® estimates the quantity of total SO2 in beer, thanks to one single device, easy to use and in total autonomy. In this way the brewer is able to improve the quality control in every beer production phases.


Method linearity was tested in deionized water and it was calibrated with standard solutions

Recovery results for CDR BeerLab® Total SO2 method.

Repeatability test of CDR BeerLab® Total SO2 analysis.

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Accuracy study of Method for the determination of total sulfur dioxide in beer | CDR BeerLab®