The need of analyzing natural oils in a simple and reliable way is the reason why Northstar Lipids equipped with CDR FoodLab®, acquiring it from our English distributor QCL. The use of the analysis system brings a real immediate benefit, a concrete help and a future profit to the company business.

The analysis systems used in the case study is FoodLabFat is the preceding version of CDR FoodLab®, the new and implemented analyzer of CDR FoodLab® range, designed for analyses of fats and oils  egg products an eggs, milk and dairy products, sausages adn tomato products.

Northstar Lipids

The British company provides natural oils for health-foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal health or other industrial uses. It specializes in functional, high value plant derived natural oils and assists customers with selecting the right oil for their needs.

Since 30 years Northstar Lipids works at every level of the supply chain:

  • Contracts with growers and processors to obtain the best raw materials
  • Selects the right processing technology to deliver the right finished product
  • Forms strategic long term partnership with suppliers and processors for continuity and consistency of supply
  • Provides customers with in-depth technical and formulation advice for new product development

CDR FoodLab®

The CDR FoodLab® analysis system guarantees reliable and immediate results for the analysis of natural oils and vegetable oils from various sources


The CDR Foodlab® system is reference methods compliant and can analyze natural oils and fats quickly through an optimized method of analysis.

Requires a small work area and no specialized facilities. It can be set up in an existing area with some bench space straight away and no extraction hoods, or glassware is needed. Tests can be performed in few minutes and numerous test sessions can be carried out at one time.

The system is pre-calibrated at manufacture so no future calibration is required. It uses pre-filled tests cuvettes and low-toxity reagent.

It suited in the most effective way the analytical needs of Northstar Lipids.

See the rapid analysis with CDR FoodLab®

Benefits and improvements brought by CDR FoodLab®

Adoption of CDR FoodLab® brought real advantages to Northstar Lipids and turned out as a successful choice.

Norman Harris, Northstar Lipids Technical Manager:

“Historically Northstar Lipids used contract laboratories for all oils analysis. Annual costs were quite significant and the wait for results, up to 7 days, had to be factored in to schedule.

Since we started using CDR FoodLab®, running costs are comparable to conventional methods, especially when the costs of solvent waste disposal are taken into account. In comparison to the costs of using external laboratories, payback time is expected to be less than 2 years.

The system is straightforward to use and offers a good range of analysis suitable to our needs. It does not require a laboratory setting up traditional analysis techniques, time consuming and impractical.

The availability of results “instantly” means decisions on approval of batches can be made immediately: it allows to respond quickly to the customers enquires and to improve the new product development process.”

Therefore in Northstar Lipids there is a major drive to improve the oil analysis situation to benefit the whole business, from testing raw materials to new products development. CDR FoodLab® made also possible to take advantage of the existing in-house expertise as best as possible.

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