Food and beverage analysis system for quality and process controls: easy and fast to perform, reliable results

CDR FoodLab® Analysis Systems allow to perform chemical analyses for quality control of food and beverage, like oil, fats, eggs, wine, milk, dairy products, tomato, beer, and cider.

Each system of the CDR FoodLab® line represents a reliable partner that allows to run easily a wide panel of determinations, thus avoiding to purchase and operate several analyzers to perform quality and process controls of food and beverage. The system can either be used in a laboratory, or on the production line, straight in the cellar or in the oil mill.

Advantages of CDR FoodLab® systems

  • Analytical methods are easier and faster than traditional procedures. Tests are performed in just a few steps.
  • There is no need to wash either containers or traditional glassware.
  • Low toxicity reagents remove the need to handle toxic or carcinogenic compounds.
  • Sample preparation is quick and easy, when needed at all.
  • Test results are correlated with the reference methods.

Following is the list of chemical analyses that can be performed with the CDR FoodLab® systems.

Chemical analyses on food and beverage

Essential oils
Vegetable Puree
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With the CDR system, you can perform your tests in total autonomy

Neither skilled staff nor a dedicated external laboratory is needed to use our systems. CDR FoodLab® optimizes traditional testing methods, making them faster and easier, while guaranteeing accuracy standards in line with the reference methods.

Analytical kit

CDR FoodLab® Analysis Systems use disposable pre-vialed reagents specifically developed by the research laboratories of CDR. The use of pre-vialed reagents and the analytical procedures allow:

  • a sample preparation that is quick and easy, when needed at all;
  • making analytical procedures extremely fast and easy;
  • removing all needs for complex calibration procedures.

Reagents come in aluminum packages containing 10 test tubes each to perform 10 tests (or packages for 100 tests containing 10 single packages of 10 test tubes each).

Just a few steps and results are yielded right away

Just a few steps will suffice to carry out your analysis in a rapid way in total autonomy. The system is composed of both the analyzer based on photometric technology and a kit of low toxicity, pre-vialed reagents, developed by CDR.

CDR FoodLab® is cost-effective because it does not require the use of expensive equipment and does not entail maintenance, assistance or calibration costs.
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