The CDR FoodLab® line of products for quality control for food and beverage is present in the Australian market since several years, distributed by local companies.

In order to optimized and reinforce the presence in Australia we revised the distribution strategy choosing Australasian Medical & Scientific Ltd (AMSL) as official sole distributor of CDR FoodLab® Line.

Starting from July 2021 CDR analysers and relative reagents kit for analysis on food: CDR FoodLab® , CDR OxiTester, CDR PalmOilTester and on beverages: CDR BeerLab® , CDR WineLab® , CDR CiderLab and CDR KombuchaLab are distributed in Australia by AMSL.

After years of increasing sales in Australia, a new phase is opening up that will bring improvements in customer service and support.

Australasian Medical & Scientific Limited operates in Australia since 1991.

They are leaders in the supply of smart tools to monitor your HACCP program. The extensive range of food safety products include laboratory equipment, laboratory consumables, hygiene monitoring tools, rapid pathogen test kits, and food allergen test kits.

AMSL has a major New Zealand presence via its sister company New Zealand Medical & Scientific Ltd (NZMS), based in Auckland, that is also distributor of CDR FoodLab® line of products in New Zealand.

Australasian Medical and Scientific Ltd

2 McCabe Place
New South Wales 2067

Phone: +61 2 9882366
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Narelle Harvie
Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator
Scientific Division

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