Marco Puleo, enotechnician of Cantina Sociale Colli Fiorentini winery, in Montespertoli (Florence)

“We adopted CDR WineLab® at the end of the 2008 grape harvest and we are satisfied with this choice, because it has simplified very much the execution of the analyses, specially total acidity and malic acid. The possibility of analyzing 12 samples at the same time and of an immediate result, after few minutes, make us reduce time testing, in compare with official methods of analysis.

When we installed it we carried out some tests to verify the repeatability and the accuracy of the analyses: analyzing the same sample two times we had the same result. Comparing the results obtained with CDR WineLab® and the results obtained with the analysis method of an accredited laboratory, the values are not excessively dissimilar.

Even if the unitary cost of the analysis is higher than the cost of the corresponding analysis performed by traditional method, our winery gains in terms of time and accuracy”.

Sergio Parmeggiani, wine consultant

“I needed to equip me to make a larger number of analyses in rapid times, when I saw the advertisement of CDR WineLab® on a specialistic review so I contacted the producing company that left me for one month an instrument for testing it for my analysis activity.

In this way I could check out the reliability of the instrument and I felt satisfied. Besides I realized that it made me save time, a thing that during the grape harvest is very important. It was very easy to use and that was another important reason that made me decide to buy it. Obviously I considered the cost as well, but I found that CDR WineLab® is easily depreciable, in the ark of a pair of wine campaigns.