From its inception in 1990, CDR has carved a niche in the realm of analytical systems, transitioning from a focus on medical diagnostics to pioneering solutions in the food industry. in an interview on Snack Magazine, the industry magazine for the savoury snack market, Gabriele Casini, Sales Manager, offers a glimpse into the innovative world of CDR FOODLAB® systems, emphasizing the company's journey towards enhancing food quality control.


The Genesis of CDR

The foundation of CDR was laid by a team of professionals with diverse expertise in engineering, photometry, biochemistry, and software development. This multidisciplinary approach facilitated the creation of customized solutions catering to the specific needs of customers. Initially focused on clinical applications, CDR's foray into the food and beverage industry marked a significant pivot, leveraging their medical diagnostics expertise to introduce the CDR FOODLAB® line in 2000.

Today, CDR boasts a global presence, with its products utilized in over 100 countries and a robust network of distributors.  CDR FOODLAB® systems are adopted by over 10,000 food and beverage companies worldwide by 2023.

Innovations for the Snack Industry

For snack manufacturers, the CDR FOODLAB® systems offer a streamlined approach to monitoring oil quality, a critical factor in ensuring product consistency and shelf life. 

The ability to rapidly assess Free Fatty Acids levels, Peroxide Values, and p-Anisidine values directly on the production line or in the lab sets CDR FOODLAB® apart from traditional methods. 

Designed for ease of use, the system utilizes photometric technology and pre-filled reagent vials, enabling simple, accurate analyses without the need for specialized personnel. This innovation extends to the analysis of nuts and finished products, aiding in shelf-life determination and quality control.

Embracing Sustainability

A notable trend in the snack industry is the emphasis on sustainability, particularly in reducing the use of harmful chemicals in analyses. CDR FOODLAB® systems respond to this need by using significantly fewer chemical reagents than traditional methods, contributing to environmental protection and operator safety. This approach aligns with CDR's commitment to sustainability, both in its operations and in supporting the eco-friendly initiatives of its clients.

Looking Ahead

CDR continues to innovate, with recent developments including the analysis of sugars in potatoes, a key factor in acrylamide formation during frying. This advancement highlights CDR's ongoing commitment to addressing the evolving needs of the food and beverage sector.

The journey of CDR and the development of the CDR FOODLAB® systems underscore a relentless pursuit of excellence in food quality analysis.