Introduction to Nut Quality Control

Nuts, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, are prone to rapid rancidity, affecting their quality and shelf life. Each variety of nuts, such as walnuts and peanuts, has unique characteristics and triglyceride content, making quality control crucial for maintaining their desirable properties

Understanding Rancidity in Nuts

Rancidity, primarily due to oxidation and hydrolysis, is a significant concern in nut storage. It affects the flavor, aroma, and appearance of nuts, necessitating regular monitoring to ensure the final product meets consumer expectations

The CDR FoodLab® Approach

CDR FoodLab® offers a practical, rapid, and reliable method for food quality control, focusing on extractable fats in dried fruit. This method is crucial for monitoring free fatty acids and peroxide value, key indicators of oil and fat rancidity levels in nuts

Innovative Extraction and Testing System

CDR's proprietary system includes a press for cold pressing nuts, a centrifuge, and the CDR FoodLab® tester, a spectrophotometric analyzer. This system eliminates the need for chemical solvents and simplifies the testing process, ensuring practical and efficient quality control


Advantages of the CDR System

The CDR system offers several benefits, including practical and rapid tests, accuracy, reliability, independence from external laboratories, and no maintenance costs. It streamlines the entire testing process, aligning with ISO/AOCS reference standards while saving time and resources

Quickly Check the Oxidation status of Nuts

In just a few minutes CDR FoodLab® enables to performe Peroxide Value (PV) test, Free Fatty Acids (FFA) test and p-Anisidine Value test in oil extracted from Nuts, and thus provides a complete overview of the oxidation status of the tested product. FoodLab Touch can be combined with the practical and fast CDR’s extraction system in order to rapidly control the quality of nuts and to eliminate the need of using traditional analytical methods that involve the use of toxic solvents (Soxhlet). 

Peroxide Value test procedure for fats quality control on nuts with CDR FoodLab®

Conclusion: Ensuring Nut Quality and Shelf Life

The CDR FoodLab® system is a game-changer for the dried fruit industry, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring nut quality and shelf life. Its innovative approach ensures that businesses can meet the increasing demand for high-quality nuts in a growing market 

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  3. How to extract oil from nuts with a system toxic solvents free
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  5. Reliability and reference method compliance of nuts analysis
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