Webinar: CDR FoodLab®, the system for the quality control of Oils&Fats

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Webinar: CDR FoodLab®, the system for the quality control of Oils&FatsWatch the webinar recording to find out how you can perform quality control and process control at line as well in laboratory using CDR FoodLab®,  the chemical analysis system, easy to use and versatile, that allows to determine a wide panel of parameters on food.

The most important analyses in Oils&Fats industry are showed in a pactical demostration.

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CDR FoodLab® for fats and oils allows to perform chemical test on fats and oils easily and rapidly, thus improving the production efficiency and the profitability of a company.

CDR FoodLab® is compact and handy and can be used in any environment, either in a laboratory or at the production plant, even if you don’t have specific chemical lab tech experience.

Which are the most important features and advantages of CDR systems compared to the traditional methods?

  • Reduced testing times
  • Easy to use
  • Possibility to use the analyzer at line in the processing plant
  • Maintenance free
  • Calibration free
  • Ready to use reagents
  • Everyone can use CDR FoodLab® line

Comparison with standard photometry

*CDR FoodLab®* #CDR reagents CALIBRATED AND READY TO USE #Thermostated instrument #Short reaction times thanks to thermostated element #High preformance reading cellin terms of calibrationand long-life #Maintenance not required #Skilled technicians not required #Wider ABSORBANCE range (ABS 0,000 –6,000) *Standard photometry* #Enzymatickits to be preparedand calibrated #Instrument usually not thermostated #Longer reaction times #Short-life reading cell, in case of frequent use #Maintenance required #Skilled technicians required #Shorter ABS range (ABS 0,000 –2,000)

The Webinar

In the webinar Dr. Simone Bellassai, Chemist, Expert of Food Chemical Analysis and CDR FoodLab® Division Manager, shows the technical characteristics of CDR FoodLab®. Then you can watch the practical demonstration of how you can test Peroxide Value, Free Fatty Acids and Anysidine Value with CDR FoodLab® using the multitasking mode of the system which allows to reduce analysis times. The webinar ends with a question and answer section.

The Webinar Recording

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