Solutions for tomato quality control analysis

Is your company active in tomato sauce and peeled tomatoes production? Do you employ tomato derivatives as ingredients for your products? We have the analysis system for quality control of tomato, tomato derivatives and vegetable purées that is most appropriate for your business.

It is CDR FoodLab®, the easy analysis system for tomato and sauces thanks to specifically developed analytical procedures.

CDR FoodLab® is compact and handy and can be used in any environment: either in a laboratory, or at the production plant, or upon sale/purchase of the product.

Fast and intuitive, it provides results that are correlated with the reference methods.

CDR FoodLab® for the determination parameters in tomato and tomato derivatives throughout the production process for quality control.

What you can analyze

With CDR FoodLab® you can determine on tomato derivatives and vegetable purées in general:
Lactic Acid (D + L)
Reducing sugar

How it can help you

Thanks to dedicated analytical procedures specifically developed by the research laboratories of CDR, the CDR FoodLab® system can be used by anyone, even non skilled staff, to run tests in production plants as well as upon purchase/sale of raw materials.

The CDR FoodLab® system main features:

  • Easy analytical procedures to be followed in just a few simple steps
  • Results are obtained in just a few minutes and are correlated with the ISO/ED reference methods.
  • Reagents come in disposable pre-filled vials developed and produced by the research laboratories of CDR, thus removing the need to handle carcinogenic substances
  • A touch screen interface
  • The “step by stepguide helps the operator if there is ever a doubt on the procedure
  • Up to 16 tests at one time can be run.
  • The Multitasking Mode allows to manage the determinations of several analytical parameters at the same time
  • Free of maintenance or assistance costs
  • No calibration procedure is required
  • There is no need to wash either containers, other equipment or traditional glassware

A true testing laboratory for chemical analyses on tomato products

A true testing laboratory for chemical analyses on tomato and sauces that comes in a complete, intuitive and reliable equipment

omplete, intuitive and reliable equipment for chemical analyses on food

CDR FoodLab®is a true analysis laboratory. We have developed it to perform easy and fast chemical analyses even on the production line without the support of personnel with specific lab tech experience.

CDR FoodLab® optimizes traditional testing methods, making them faster and easier, while guaranteeing accuracy standards in line with the ISO/AOCS reference methods.

Take a look at the analyzers model availabe

With CDR FoodLab®, in addition to carrying out analyzes on tomato derivatives, you can also determine the main chemical parameters for quality control of other foods such as vegetable or animal oils and fats, egg products, milk and dairy products,  as well as animal feed and pet food 

Our device comes from a family of fast and reliable testing systems that we have developed and manufactured to perform food and beverage quality controls during the production process.

The ‘help’ function makes your tests easier

The system is reliable, fast and intuitive. It is so simple to use that anyone can run a test in total autonomy as if they were skilled personnel. Just a few steps suffice to perform the analyses and, if there is ever a doubt, the HELP function will lead you through the process by displaying detailed instructions. Check out all the features!