Chemical analysis for complete, in-house monitoring of brewing water with CDR BeerLab®.

Chemical Analysis for Brewing Water Monitoring

Quickly obtain reliable results to optimize monitoring of your beer brewing water parameters

on the easy to use CDR BeerLab®

CDR BeerLab: the chemical analyzing system for beer quality control in every stage of brewing process in brewery

Monitoring brewing water parameters is important because the chemical composition of the water directly affects the taste of beer and acts significantly on biochemical reactions that take place during the whole beer making process.

Usually analyses on water parameters have to be managed by specialized technicians, responsible of using, calibrating and maintaining on a series of instrumentation and tools dedicated to them.

With CDR BeerLab® you can perform a complete in-house monitor of your beer water without the need for a chemical laboratory or experienced lab personnel.

Thanks to optimized methods, dedicated pre-vialed reagents developed by CDR Chemical Lab, and state-of-the-art photometric technology with CDR BeerLab® you can get reliable results of water tests quickly and easily.

By comparing the detection of the same parameters with standard methods, CDR BeerLab® is easier and faster, although guarantying the same accuracy because strictly correlated to respective reference methods.

Download the Case study about in-house beer quality control in English brewerySince its installation, we have found the analyser to be accurate and easy to use. We are looking to list BAD Co. beer with a well-known national retailer and we wouldn’t be able to do that without in-house quality control using the BeerLab.

Paul Holden-Ridgeway
head brewer of BAD Co.’s

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Analysis of Water for in-house brewing process control

In just a few minutes, CDR BeerLab® analyzer allows to determine a wide panel of water for the inline control of the brewing process:

Furthermore, CDR BeerLab® enables you to determine a wide panel of parameters on beer and wort in every stage of the brewing process, even if you don’t have chemical laboratory or fume hood. You don’t need laboratory background to use it. So, with CDR BeerLab®,  you can perform a complete in-house quality control of your brewing process getting results in real time.

CDR BeerLab® comes pre-calibrated and ready to use with no periodical maintenance needed.

Main advantages of the beer, wort and water analysis system CDR BeerLab®

Main advantages of our system are:

  • reliability: CDR BeerLab® method is compared to the reference method;
  • reduced test times: just few minutes for a determination;
  • easiness: reagents are pre-filled and instrument does not need calibration, maintenance or cleaning procedures at the beginning or at the end of the working session, no technical skill is requested;
  • reproducibility: the possibility to introduce manual errors by working with CDR close-system is reduced to the minimum, if not excluded;
  • flexibility: instrument has been thought to be used real time in the processing plant.
  • versatility: CDR laboratories are the exclusive producers of both instrumentation and reagents, we are always researching for new applications, that once released, they will be available on CDR BeerLab® just upgrading instrument software.

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How CDR BeerLab® system is composed

CDR BeerLab® is compact and handy, it is composed of:

Complete, intuitive and reliable equipment for chemical analyses on beer

  • an analyzer based on photometric technology equipped with state-of-the-art LED emitters and 37°C thermostated reading and  incubation cells, available in two versions.
  • kits of pre-vialed and ready-to-use reagents, specifically developed by CDR research laboratory to optimize tune analytical methods and avoid any contact with toxic or carcinogenic substances
  • pipettes for the collection of the correct volume of sample.

The ‘help’ function makes beer analysis methods easier

The system is reliable, fast and intuitive. It is so simple to use that anyone can run a test in total autonomy as if they were skilled personnel. Just a few steps suffice to perform the analyses and, if there is ever a doubt, the HELP function will lead you through the process by displaying detailed instructions. Click here for more info on the Help function

Correlation between CDR BeerLab® and official methods for analysis of Beer, Wort and Water – University of Udine

WORT,  BEER and WATER ANALYSIS Correlation between CDR BeerLab® and official methods - Udine UniversityDepartment of Agricultural, Food, Environmentaland Animal Sciences of the University of Udine Italy, under the guidance of Dr. Stefano Buiatti, performed:

• the evaluation of correlation between the results obtained using CDR BeerLab®  and those obtaibed with EBC (European Brewery Convention)  official methods
• the evaluation of the correlation between the results obtained with the CDR BeerLab® and those obtained with the official methods of analysis on the parameters relating to the quality control of water used in brewing.

The methods of CDR BeerLab® for analysis of beer, wort and water provided statistically correlated results (p <0.05) with low standard deviation values indicating good accuracy.

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With the CDR system, you can perform your tests in total autonomy

Neither skilled staff nor a dedicated external laboratory is needed to use our systems. CDR FoodLab® optimizes traditional testing methods, making them faster and easier, while guaranteeing accuracy standards in line with the reference methods.

Analytical kit

CDR FoodLab® Analysis Systems use disposable pre-vialed reagents specifically developed by the research laboratories of CDR. The use of pre-vialed reagents and the analytical procedures allow:

  • a sample preparation that is quick and easy, when needed at all;
  • making analytical procedures extremely fast and easy;
  • removing all needs for complex calibration procedures.

Reagents come in aluminum packages containing 10 test tubes each to perform 10 tests (or packages for 100 tests containing 10 single packages of 10 test tubes each).

Just a few steps and results are yielded right away

Just a few steps will suffice to carry out your analysis in a rapid way in total autonomy. The system is composed of both the analyzer based on photometric technology and a kit of low toxicity, pre-vialed reagents, developed by CDR.

CDR FoodLab® is cost-effective because it does not require the use of expensive equipment and does not entail maintenance, assistance or calibration costs.
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